Users labels Class

Tool for viewing, and possibly managing, a user's contact labels


Users labels

  • [options]


  • [options] Object optional

    options for the tool

    • [userId=Q.Users.loggedInUserId()] String optional

      You can set the user id whose labels are being edited, instead of the logged-in user

    • [prefix="Users/"] String optional

      Pass any prefix here, to filter labels by this prefix

    • [contactUserId] String optional

      Pass a user id here to let the tool add/remove contacts with the various labels, between userId and contactUserId

    • [canAdd=false] Boolean | String optional

      Pass true here to allow the user to add a new label, or a string to override the title of the command.

    • [all] String | Object optional

      To show "all labels" option, whose value is "*", pass here its title or object with "title" and "icon" properties.

    • [onRefresh] Q.Event optional

      occurs after the tool is refreshed

    • [onClick] Q.Event optional

      occurs when the user clicks or taps a label. Is passed (element, label, title, wasSelected). Handlers may return false to cancel the default behavior of toggling the label.

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