Streams relate Class

Lets the user search for streams they can relate a given stream to, and relate it


Streams relate

  • options


  • options Object

    Override various options for this tool

    • publisherId String

      publisher id of the stream to relate

    • streamName String

      name of stream to relate

    • types Array

      the types of streams the user can select

    • relationType String

      the type of the relation to create

    • [communityId=Q.Users.communityId] String optional

      id of the user publishing the streams to relate to

    • [typeNames] Object optional

      pairs of {type: typeName} to override names of the types, which would otherwise be taken from the types

    • [multiple=true] Boolean optional

      whether the user can select multiple types for the lookup

    • [relateFrom=false] Boolean optional

      if true, will relate FROM the user-selected stream TO the streamName instead

    • [types] String optional

      the types of streams the user can select

    • [onRelate] Q.Event optional

      This event handler occurs when a stream is successfully related

Item Index




  • An

Call this method to refresh the contents of the tool, requesting only what's needed and redrawing only what's needed.


  • An Function

    optional callback to call after refresh has completed. It receives (result, entering, exiting, updating) arguments.