Streams participants Class

Displays participants of a given stream in a horizontal list. Each item in the list is presented with an avatar and also can have a contextual associated with it.


Streams participants

  • options


  • options Object

    Provide options for this tool

    • publisherId String

      The id of the publisher

    • streamName String

      The name of the stream

    • [invite] Object optional

      Pass an object here to pass as fields to Streams/participants/invite template, otherwise the invite button doesn't appear.

    • [showSummary] Boolean optional

      Whether to show a summary

    • [showBlanks] Boolean optional

      Whether to show blank avatars in place of remaining spots

    • [max] Number optional

      The number, if any, to show in the denominator of the summary

    • [maxShow=10] Number optional

      The maximum number of participants to fetch for display

    • [filter] Function optional

      Takes (participant, element) and can modify them. If this function returns false, the element is not appended.

    • [onRefresh] Q.Event optional

      An event that occurs when the tool is refreshed

Item Index




  • callback

Refresh the participants tool


  • callback Function

    pass a callback to be called after the refresh is done