Streams interests Class

Tool for user to manage their interests in a community


Streams interests

  • [options]


  • [options] Object optional

    This is an object of parameters for this function

    • [communityId=Q.Users.communityId] String optional

      The id of the user representing the community publishing the interests

    • [userId=Users.loggedInUserId()] String optional

      The id of the user whose interests are to be displayed, defaults to the logged-in user

    • [ordering=[] Array optional

      To override what interest categories to show and in what order

    • [filter] String | Null optional

      You can override the placeholder text to show in the filter, or set this to null to hide the filter

    • [trySynonyms] String optional

      You can override the "try synonyms" text using this option

    • [canAdd=false] Boolean | String optional

      Pass true here to allow the user to add a new interest, or a string to override the title of the command.

    • [all] String | Object optional

      To show "all interests" option, pass here its title or object with "title" and "icon" properties.

    • [expandable={}] Object optional

      Any options to pass to the expandable tools

    • [cacheBust=1000*60*60*24] String optional

      How often to reload the list of major community interests

    • [onReady] Q.Event optional

      occurs when the tool interface is ready

    • [onClick] Q.Event optional

      occurs when the user clicks or taps an interest. Is passed (element, normalizedTitle, category, interest, wasSelected). Handlers may return false to cancel the default behavior of toggling the interest. If the "All Interests" option was clicked, '*' is passed as the second parameter.

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