Streams form Class

Generates a form with inputs that modify various streams


Streams form

  • options


  • options Array

    An associative array of parameters, containing:

    • [fields] Array optional

      an associative array of {id: fieldinfo} pairs, where id is the id to append to the tool's id, to generate the input's id, and fieldinfo is either an associative array with the following fields, or a regular array consisting of fields in the following order: "publisherId" => Required. The id of the user publishing the stream "streamName" => Required. The name of the stream "field" => The stream field to edit, or "attribute:$attributeName" for an attribute. "type" => The type of the input (@see Q_Html::smartTag()) "attributes" => Additional attributes for the input "value" => The initial value of the input "options" => options for the input (if type is "select", "checkboxes" or "radios")

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