Q listing Class

Listing that appears in contextual menus


Q listing

  • [Object_or_String]


  • [Object_or_String] Mixed optional

    mixed parameter , could be an Object of parameters or String

    • [Object] Object optional

      If an object then it's a hash of options, that can include:

      • [handler] Function optional
        Callback or Q.Event which will be called when item from the listing selected.
      • [blink] Boolean optional
        blink This defines list item blinking on selection.
      • [ignoreStartEvent] Boolean optional
        ignoreStartEvent If true, ignores initial 'touchstart' / 'mousedown' events.
      • [eventDelegate] Q.Event optional
        eventDelegate If provided, then touch / mouse events will be handled using this element.
    • [String] String optional

      If a string, then it's a command which may be: "remove": Destroys selectable listing functionality.

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