Q form Class

Place this tool inside a

tag to create nice AJAX forms


Q form

  • [options]


  • [options] Object optional

    This is an object of parameters for this function

    • [onSubmit] Q.Event optional

      This event triggers On form submit

    • [onResponse] Q.Event optional

      This event triggers after getting some response from from url request

    • [onSuccess] Q.Event optional

      This event triggers if response returned with 200 success code , and if there are no HTTP errors in response headers

    • [slotsToRequest] String optional

      Slot names for Q.request

    • [contentElements] Object optional

      An Object of content Elements

    • [loader] Function optional

      Main request function which calls on form submit

      • [url] String optional
        Url for request
      • [method] String optional
        Form Method / Request Method
      • [params] String optional
        Url Encoded /Serialised form data as URL parameters
      • [slots] String optional
        Slot Names
      • [callback] Function optional
        Callback function after request

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