Q bookmarklet Class

Makes an infomation block for adding a bookmarklet on the browser's bookmarks bar the way similar to how facebook does: . The main purpose of the tool is to present, in a cross-browser way, user-friendly instructions on how to add bookmarklet in the browser.


Q bookmarklet

  • options


  • options Object

    This is an object with properties for this function

    • title String

      Title for the button which will be added to user's browser bar.

    • usage String

      Text which is appended to instructions, identifying purpose and usage of this bookmarklet.

    • [scripts] Array optional

      Array of one or more script urls (will be run through Q.url()) to load and execute in order

    • [skip] Array optional

      Array of "" strings corresponding to options.scripts array, to avoid loading the corresponding script if is already defined. Typically names an object which has been defined by the loaded script. Pass nulls in the array for urls you shouldn't skip.

    • [code] String optional

      Literal Javascript code to execute, typically a function call. If scripts option is provided, this code is executed after the scripts have been loaded.

    • [icon] String optional

      Icon for the button which will be added to user's browser bar.

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