Q actions Class

jQuery plugin that adds action icons that appear over elements and allow the user to perform some action, and display correctly on both desktop and mobile.


Q actions

  • [options]
  • [Q.Event]
  • [Q.Event]


  • [options] Object optional

    possible options

    • [actions={}] Array optional

      actions an array of name:function pairs

    • [containerClass=''] String optional

      containerClass any class names to add to the actions container

    • [zIndex=null] Number optional

      zIndex z-index from style

    • [position='mr'] String optional

      position one of 't', 'm', 'b' followed by one of 'l', 'c', 'r'

    • [size=32] Number optional

      size number for css class basic , example 32 for basic32 class

    • [] Boolean optional


    • [horizontal=true] Boolean optional

      horizontal if true, show actions horizontally

    • [reverse=false] Boolean optional

      reverse if true, show in reverse order

    • [clickable=true] Boolean optional

      clickable use clickable plugin

    • [context={}] Object optional

      context any context to pass to the actions

    • [repositionMs=200] Number optional

      repositionMs how many milliseconds between repositioning

    • [onShow] Q.Event optional

      onShow , event that triggering after action show

  • [Q.Event] Object optional

    [options.beforeHide] beforeHide , event that triggering before action close

  • [Q.Event] Object optional

    [options.onClick] onClick , event that triggering on action click

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