Places address Class

Used to select an address


Places address

  • [options]


  • [options] Object optional

    used to pass options

    • [latitude] Number optional

      latitude of bias point

    • [longitude] Number optional

      longitude of bias point

    • [meters] Number optional

      try to find things within this radius

    • [metric=Places.metric] Boolean optional

      whether to use the metric system

    • [place] Object optional

      use this to set initial place, if any

      • [id] Object optional
        the id of the place
      • [name] Object optional
        the name of the place
      • [description] Object optional
        the address or vicinity to display
    • [searchQuery] String optional

      use this to fill the initial results, if any

    • [types] Number optional

      the type to pass to google's nearbySearch

    • [filter] Object optional

      Options for the child Q/filter tool

    • [mapElement] HTMLElement optional

      You can supply an existing element if you want

    • [onChoose] Q.Event optional

      When a valid location is selected. Receives (placeId, details)

    • [onError] Q.Event optional

      When there was some kind of error

    • [onFilterActivated] Q.Event optional

      Event occur when included Q/filter tool activated.

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  • callback

Call this to refresh the tool and the autocomplete